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Please book an 'Initial Assessment' if you have not been treated by me for six or more months OR if you have had a recent concussion or MVA



Initial Assessment and Treatment

$105 + HST
(45 - 60 minutes)

Initial Treatments are for anyone who has yet to be treated by Marina. During the session, you and Marina will discuss your primary concerns and review your health history. This discussion will be followed by a gentle, hands - on osteopathic assessment and treatment. The treatment will encompass different areas of the body and its primary aim is to increase motion and blood flow.


Follow up Treatment

$95 + HST
(30 - 40 minutes)

Follow up treatments build on previous sessions. The suggested number of treatments depend on each individual and what is found at each appointment. Please contact Marina for any questions regarding your follow up.

Covid-19 Clinic Protocols

  • Masking is currently optional, but I continue to respect peoples choices. If you wear a mask to your appointment with me, then I will put one on. Please come how you feel most comfortable. 

  • Testing positive for Covid: If symptomatic, you can return to the clinic after your 7th day of symptom onset. OR, you can return to the clinic after 24 hours of being fever free or after 24 hours of improvement of symptoms. Please wait 48 hours after gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting.

  • Please note: if you have minor cold symptoms and you have tested negative for Covid, you are still welcome to attend your appt, but please wear a mask for the duration of your time at the clinic and please inform me of your symptoms. 

  • While at the clinic, please respect other peoples choices if they differ from your own.

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