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About Marina


Marina Rennie, M.OMSc, is a graduate from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. She was initially inspired to pursue an Osteopathic career after meeting and being treated by one of Nova Scotia's first Osteopaths and was amazed by the gentle treatment and effective results.


Throughout her studies, Marina took an interest in women’s pelvic health conditions and in her final year prepared a clinical case report on the causes and treatment of Interstitial Cystitis from an osteopathic perspective. This gave her a solid foundation to treat a wide variety of conditions while applying the principles of Classical Osteopathy and its philosophy of treating the body in its entirety.

Marina is very passionate about the Classical Osteopathic principles set forth by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874, specifically: facilitating the body's ability to self-heal through gentle, hands-on treatment.

Marina is a member and in good standing with both the NSAO (Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths) and OOA/OSTCAN (Osteopathy Canada). She carries a valid CPR certificate with the Canadian Red Cross and continues to upgrade her education and skills annually. She looks forward to more specific, post grad training in women’s pelvic health and conditions of the brain, such as; migraines, concussions, brain injuries and tremors.

Outside of work, you can find Marina walking her dog, gardening, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

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